Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Claude Minkey's May mix

New May Mix Check it out !

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Djing with a laptop and traktor pro, the modern Dj

A more detailed view of the features of djing with traktor pro on the macbook with the allen and heath xone 1d midi controller and the native instruments audio 4 dj sound interface.
No real attempt was made to make a tight mix this video shows how you can use the traktor pro interface to dj much like you would with a vinyl turntable setup, you can see how that moving the jog wheel replicates pushing the record forward or backwards. I set a cue point in the track, hold down the button i mapped cup (cue up play) and when i release the button it plays from that point i set, push the button back in it will jump back to that cue much the same as you would rock the record on the beat in sync with the other record playing, for the purists that feel mp3's are killing vinyl, I'd agree I cant see vinyl dance track lasting many more years as much as I love vinyl and have many boxes of them, there is still something satisfying about searching for that track you have just heard, nowadays you stand more chance of finding it, downloading it, playing it to a room full of excited ravers. You then realise that it's not about a beautiful black disc, not about the £800 technics, £600 pioneer DM600 mixer, people dancing don't care about that ! it's all about the tunes, the Dj will rise and fall on what tunes he puts in a mix the way he/she controls the night, the energy, the pace, the rest periods, the high's and the low's.
Of corse there should be some talent in the Dj he/she must practice, strive to do better each time, work the crowd, have tools that allow the job to be done that's why so many Dj's have turned to the laptop, all the tracks on the hard drive ready, a setlist prepared and practiced many times before the gig, easy portability, being able to plug into any sound system in any bar/club within seconds that's the future of the modern Dj.

Laptop DJ with traktor pro

This is a quick video showing you how I use Traktor pro and the xone 1d to make my mixes before i upload them to iTunes, taking from my taximusicman youtube account.